Creation of a cargo transportation (UK, Ireland)

Creation of a cargo transportation exchange on the example of the site for Great Britain and Ireland. Goals and objectives of the projectа The main goal of the project […]

Development of CRM for the bookmaker office StarBet

Development of CRM for business: solution To solve problems of project 3 user roles were introduced: video control (only the control part, rather than integration with video surveillance systems), manager (point […]

CRM system for logistics: development of a non-standard solution

The goal of the project is CRM systems for logistics: automate the work of the logist and reduce all orders with routes to single-window mode, and also speed up the […]

Development of a portal for work and support

Complex support of the site: goals and objectives of the project Our main goal here is to provide comprehensive support for the site, refine existing functions and introduce new opportunities. […]

Development of the HFL.TRAVEL tour aggregator

Development of the aggregator of tours (tourist marketplays). The main purpose of this project is to create a service for aggregating tours from travel companies for subsequent online sales to […]

Development of the city portal with elements of social network VOSkole

Development of a city portal for the city of Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, using the example of the site with elements of the social network. Urban portal development: goals […]

Creation of an exchange of teachers, a platform for student work

Exchange of teachers: composition of work Exchange of educational works was implemented in stages and consisted of the following works: written technical requirements for the development of the site with […]

Application for building configurations: web development from scratch

The purpose of the application for assembling configurations is: Development of a site on which it is possible to complete the goods in a customized kit. Features: step-by-step assembly of […]