Creation of CRM engine for the aviation industry Fast AIR

The task of CRM for business Fast AIR – automation sales based on personal cabinets. The system is a private office, in which the processing of commercial offers (CО) for […]

Web service design for the beauty masters

The development of a unique service for masters of beauty is our own project, the purpose of which is to maximally simplify the work of people engaged in the […]

Management system fullfilment center: development from scratch

The main goal of the fullfilment management system is: Create a system for managing inventory, combined with the system of processing sales orders. Features of the service: unique design, the […]

ERP to order on ASP.NET MVC – Ruden AS

Ruden AS is our automated management system for the organization. In it we manage the data of clients and executors, projects, work with tasks and leaders. The system also provides […]

Web site design for wall tile Ak-Plitka

Development of the site of the online store AkPlitka – the main goal – to create a new version of the online store with a modern design and a set […]

Website development for MLM OriBinar

Website for MLM comprises: public pages (available to all users), and personal administrators’ offices, leader and partner. The development of the project consisted of the following stages: development of a […]

Development of an online store on a turn-key basis “Alexandria doors”

Development of an online store on a turn-key basis for the manufacturer of interior doors “Alexandrian doors” it was quite difficult for two reasons: we first implemented the operator chat; […]

Development of the information portal “Narod Edin”

The development of the site “Narod Edin” social network is based on the site management system Ruden CMS using multidomain technology. Development of the site of the social network “Narod […]