We work remotely, we live in Russian and Ukrainian cities. Head office is in Ryazan (Russia).

We use Microsoft technology stack:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Entity Framework & LINQ

We have our own web-dvelopment platform – falcon. It’s basic functionality for any web engine.

What can we offer to you:

  • estimate project budget and timing
  • create technincal specification and mockups for web project
  • designing portal
  • coding
  • business anlytics
  • support project and appendthe new features for project

CEO Web-Automation – a few words about me


My name is Ruslan. I’m programmer. It’s not a profession, it’s the thinking method. Programming is a creation process. Ant it is similar with God jobs – create a new things in our world.

This is my short professional way or company stages:


2002-2008 Information security – learning in Ryazan Radio Engeneering University, 4 years math.

2003 г. – 1 place at the interuniversity Olympiad in Ryazan, among the first courses in higher mathematics.

2004 г. (it seems to be strange, but it’s important for me) – decryption of the cipher-task from the teacher of the Math Tarasov V.). I wrote under this program in Visual Basic. Everyone at the session will learn the lectures, but I sat and solved this code.

2006 – 1 place in the internal Olympiad Ryazan State Radio Engineering University in higher mathematics.

2006 – 2 place at the interuniversity Olympiad in Ryazan, in higher mathematics.

2007-2009 – work in the bank (PriVTB). Very good bank. But this was is clearly not the place where I should be.

2009-2013 – starting as a freelancer ( web developer ASP.NET & SQL Server).

– Collaboration with Canadian Snaphost . Development and development of web services portal Snaphost.com,

CRM integration Client-communicator with the web. Work with the St. Petersburg company b-Micro.

– creating sites for Moscow Office Web Theme . The largest example is the catalog of doors Alexandria’s doors aldoor.ru.

Development team
In 2012, wrote a book “How to create a selling site from scratch.” Download the book

C 2013 Working with customers on projects directly – mostly services with atypical / complex functionality.

In 2013, developed Ruden CMS in ASP.NET Web Forms.

In 2014, I gradually move from freelancing to creating a team (but not as a manager, but as an active developer).

In 2014, the Ruden AS system was developed, which is our internal ERP system , which we are constantly developing.

In 2014, new web development platform arkAS was also developed, which is based on ASP.NET MVC technology.

In 2014 our first free course Core 1.0 for web developers.

In 2015, there are 3 more books written on the topic of web development. See them in the Books section on our website.

2015-2017 additional courses are created for writing a technical assignment, project management, Extend course and Elements, which expands the knowledge of web developers in related fields.

Since 2016, we have concentrated on projects of only two types: aggregators (marketplaces) and CRM . For each type of project, its development methodology and basic modules have been developed.

Falcon platform

In 2017 we create Falcon web development platform with focus on engine light and perfomance.

2017-2020 Plan develop a marketplace/CRM/aggregator direction. Out global purpose – create ideal precise web-development process. Web want to be FC Barcelona in web-development world. Now we have a half success in it. But we work on it and we improve out process step by step, project by project.


P.S. Important note!

If you have a typical project – you don’t need in our service. You need a typical CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc. If more faster and less expensive.

If your project is unique – wellcome to web-development world. It’s longer, more expensive, but it will be created for your unique speciications.

Remember about this difference when you choose tools for site creating.