Common web-development process

  1. Create project concept and estimate bugdet and time
  2. Contract in aglie style
    1. Develop on the stages
    2. Every stage is a separate technical specification, budget and deadline. It appends to contract as supplementary agreement.
    3. ПStage pre-payment – 100%
    4. Work types – make technical specification, web-development, coding, testing, server support, startup development (product management)
  3. Support- product support jobs after release.
    1. Server preventions
    2. Support product features
    3. Find decisions for new problems
    4. Promote jobs



We work on the stages. Stage accepts separately (technical specification, develop, accept, act, payment). Prepayment for stage is 100%.

We have FE (see details in Contact pages). Work strongly by contact with stages.

Regular peports

We send detail report every week:

  • what have done,
  • whan next plan.

Consult digital projects 

We support outer projects – consult and do additional jobs. What include consultations:

  1. devepol product offer
  2. product custorer analysis
  3. supplier works audit – develop and promotion. Current project jobs control.
  4. web-analytics
  5. risk-management
  6. MVP for product (Minimal Viable Product)


Support and development product

We continue support project after. What is it?

  • technical support:
    • bug fixing,
    • server jobs and prevention,
    • consultation about technical details,
    • stuff learning;
  • promotion:
    • create promotion strategy plan,
    • SEO, SMM, context advertisement,
    • create content and content management.

If you have a question, i’ll be glad to diskuss it (see contacts below).