Development of a portal for work and support

Complex support of the site: goals and objectives of the project

Our main goal here is to provide comprehensive support for the site, refine existing functions and introduce new opportunities.


The problematic place of the project is the lack of documentation, so we first of all studied the internal design of the project and created the initial project documentation. This reduces the risks of the customer with the possible replacement of the contractor.

In the beginning of work on the project, we conducted a usability analysis of the site (an analysis of the usability of the end user), which resulted in the customer being offered steps to finalize the service.

In addition to tasks to improve usability, Dev Express and registration / authorization on the mobile version of the site were also introduced.

The project uses a flexible methodology, because the initial engine was written by another team.

We perform work on internal optimization, finalize individual blocks to increase the level monetization of the Internet project.

What in the end

We provide comprehensive project support:

  • we advise,
  • promptly correct bugs (errors),
  • we refine usability (ease of use) in agreement with the customer,
  • make the necessary settings for SEO-promotion of the project.

Project Date