Creation of an exchange of teachers, a platform for student work

Exchange of teachers: composition of work

Exchange of educational works was implemented in stages and consisted of the following works:

  • written technical requirements for the development of the site with mockups;
  • developed the design of the site with the involvement of partners;
  • the program filling of a site is created (“engine“) in accordance with the requirements of the client;
  • created three landing pages for the individual design of the client;
  • the testing and debugging phase of the application was carried out jointly with the client.

The main content of the project

Business logic of the exchange of educational works:

  1. The customer places an order on the site (for example, an order for writing a thesis).
  2. Performers look for orders and offer their bets for doing the work.
  3. The customer selects one Executor and starts working with him through the system. The interaction between the Customer and the Contractor takes place within the system by exchanging files and messages in the order.
  4. In case of conflict situations, a flexible arbitration mechanism is used.

This is our first project in a similar class of developments – online exchanges of services (to some extent we made an analogue of the most famous freelance exchange

The project was successfully implemented and is actively developing. At the moment, more than 10,000 students and authors of educational work are using the service.

Exchange educational work was developed in about 3 months (without taking into account the creation of a technical assignment).

Work is also underway to support the project. No working project is standing still. New ideas are emerging, problems are identified, and they must be quickly resolved. We have been assisting in the technical tasks of the project for more than 3 years.

Project Date