Creation of a cargo transportation (UK, Ireland)

Creation of a cargo transportation exchange on the example of the site for Great Britain and Ireland.

Goals and objectives of the projectа

The main goal of the project is to create stock exchange freight, through which some users can offer services for the transport of goods, while others choose between service providers to their needs.

A system of auctions is organized at the exchange. The customer creates his own project – what and where he needs to be transported. Freight carriers apply for this order – they offer their terms of delivery and cost. The system provides for the possibility to take into account different types of transport (for the carriage of goods of a special type).

Monetize the service is assumed through the sale of Pro-accounts with advanced user functionality.

Development of a cargo transportation exchange: how it works

  1. Users – customers advertise the need to transport goods from point A to point B (the distance between points is calculated using Google Maps).
  2. Companies or individuals performers can respond to offers and call their price and terms of service.
  3. The customer chooses a suitable offer for the price and/or conditions, and can also view the profiles of the responding performers.
  4. After choosing the performer, the customer and the carrier discuss the details of the order in a convenient way for them, including through correspondence on the website.
  5. User activity (registration, Pro-account, responses, completed orders, etc.) is taken into account by the rating system and helps users to form an objective opinion about the participant of the system.


ВCurrently running the beta version exchanges, participation for all parties of cargo transportation is free of charge. We continue to support the project from a technical point of view, and we also plan to develop and implement new service capabilities.

Project Date