Development of CRM for the bookmaker office StarBet

Development of CRM for business: solution

To solve problems of project 3 user roles were introduced:

  • video control (only the control part, rather than integration with video surveillance systems),
  • manager (point manager),
  • administrator (the head of several points),

The basis of this program is the financial accounting and control of the activity of bookmakers, as well as simplification of the process of preparing reports on the functioning of points. If earlier the process of creating such reports took many hours, now it can be done for a minute.

The second important point is the transparency of the operations performed on the points. The manager of the point and the main managers of the entire system can at any time look at the state of the points, and automatically monitor various events – when the balance of the ticket office is critically small at the point, or when collection of funds from the point is required, or the amount of the amount determined earlier is exceeded (in the settings by expenditure categories).

Users with role video control have access to the video recording of the arrival of employees to work (with the indication of time), and, if necessary, can manually unload the screenshot.

Manager enters data on daily incomes and expenses, can generate and upload reports in Excel. Can receive tasks from the administrator and change their status (“Discussion”, “In work”, “Completed”).

Administrator owns information from several points, which is consolidated into various metrics and reports (implemented with the help of the base component “Indicators”). It can also assign tasks to managers and monitor their implementation.


The development of CRM for the StarBet business has been successfully completed at this stage.CRM new opportunities are being developed and technical support and maintenance of the project as a whole. 

The most important point of such a system is that it can be constantly developed and improved as new needs arise, which is problematic in the case of box solutions.


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