Development of the city portal with elements of social network VOSkole

Development of a city portal for the city of Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, using the example of the site with elements of the social network.

Urban portal development: goals and objectives of the project

  1. have income from advertising on the site – a city portal with elements of a social network;
  2. receive revenue from the sale of tickets to theaters (on the basis of a partnership agreement).


To solve the tasks of the project, the following user roles were introduced:

– Visitors,

– authorized users,

– moderators,

– administrator.

Any visitor site can view all sections of the site, except for administrative ones.

Registered user can post messages (posts), post photos, participate in contests, offer goods for sale in the section “All of 100-500”, conduct personal correspondence with other users.

To encourage user activity, all registered users are connected to affiliate program – for publications and likes, bonus points are awarded to each user, which are converted into rubles by the end of the month and then transferred to the participant.

Moderator in manual mode can view user publications on sections of the site, block or modify them if necessary.

Administrator manages users, informational content of the site, has access to various statistics, including the parameters of user activity (registration, attendance, number of posts, etc.) (the block of statistics is implemented using the base component “Indicators”).

Main features of the service:

– the publication of posts, including photos and videos,

– publication of photos in the gallery,

– communication of users through comments on posts and personal correspondence,

– placement of ads about goods and services in the section bulletin boards “All on 100-500”,

– Information section “News” (reading, commenting, likes),

– information section of the “Organization” (implemented with the help of API 2GIS),

– a block “Weather.Yandex”.

Special features of the service:

– The filling of the section “Cinema” and sale of tickets to cinemas are realized with the help of API Kinohod.

– Legal entities can place banner ads (in agreement with the administration of the site).

Development of the city portal: interim results of the project

During the year, the site managed to reach a daily attendance of around 500 people per day (according to LiveInternet data) and enter the TOP100 Ranking rating.

At the moment, it is planned to implement a cache-service in the project, which will make the project, in fact, a trading platform for the city with the possibility of returning interest on purchases from partners of the site.

On our part, technical support is being provided at the moment portal and it is planned to develop new functionaries in the near future.

Project Date