Reviewed Russian internet portal for holidays PartyKids.OnlineReviewed Russian internet portal for holidays PartyKids.Online

By this letter we recommend as a reliable and diligent performer for the creation of Internet sites of any level.

In less than a year of work together with specialists, we launched a completely new and unique service for Runet users, starting with the testing of the ability and demand for the service and moving to the present time to monetize it.

Among the competitive advantages of this company, we can distinguish the following aspects:

  • The response time for any of our appeals is less than 1 hour.
  • The presence of vast experience in the creation of large Internet projects has made it possible to prevent fundamental mistakes in building the resource, moving in small steps, but at a high speed.
  • The cost of the work is transparent: each stage is estimated in hours, the estimate is not allowed to exceed, errors are corrected free of charge, there is no imposing unnecessary blocks and works that only increase the estimate.
  • From the very beginning of the work on the project, a personal manager (Ekaterina Kuznetsova - e.g.) was given to solve any of our problems.
  • When solving related problems (promotion, design, branding, naming), the company's management willingly shared with us their experience with specialists in these areas, gave recommendations, drew attention to possible pitfalls.

Currently, we continue to work with this professional team and are ready to recommend this company for the implementation of Internet projects of any complexity.

Hohlov V.A.


Reviewed by FastAirReviewed by FastAir

With the company LLC "Ruden" in the person of Ryanov Ruslan and his team, we have been working for more than three years. The project is a deep automation of the project of the company "Fastair International" for the supply of aircraft spare parts for airplanes around the world. From the very beginning of the development process, professionalism and a serious approach to their work were noted. The work was conducted with programmers of a team of different profiles, which expanded the possibilities in the development and did not limit the imagination for the introduction of new ideas.

The experience of the team was noticed, which was filled with ideas and helped to solve some or other emerging nuances when creating a project. Very pleased with the operational support and understanding of the full essence of what is required to achieve the task. More complex development issues are handled with the participation of all the echelons of the team, from the operational programmer to the manager. Ruslan constantly monitors the project and himself fully understands the stage, and the development process.

In the person of LLC «FastAir International», we express our great gratitude for the work done and the reliable partnership with «Ruden» LLC which was achieved by a great contribution: Ruslan Ryanov, Dmitry Sipakov, Stanislav Dayanov, Mikhail Komarov, Artem Domalevsky and all the other participants in the development process team.

Reviewed by MFBReviewed by MFB

We are very grateful to LLC «Ruden» for the assistance in developing our business by developing a modern MBF website.

The MBF project was executed by the employees of LLC «Ruden» in a high-quality and efficient manner.

Specialists of LLC «Ruden» have shown themselves exclusively on the positive side, have carried out all the work on the production of the site in strict accordance with the Terms of Reference and voiced requirements.

Separately, I would like to mention the work of the employees of LLC «Ruden», the project manager - Velikoridko Ivan, for the precise execution of the site in time and following the terms of reference and the programmer Vostrugin Maxim for his prompt work in the technical part of the work on the site.

We are satisfied with the activity and we recommend this company as a professional and reliable partner.

Thank you for your justified expectations and professionalism!

Gratitude from the director of LLC “December”Gratitude from the director of LLC “December”

Collaborated with developers on two projects under the leadership of Ruslan Ryanov. When working on the first, rather complex project, they showed themselves to be professionals of the highest class. Curators of the projects are highly qualified professionals, who are able to quickly solve any nuances arising in the work process. I would like to express special gratitude to our company to Stanislav Dayanov and Ekaterina Erokhina, and we hope to work with these managers in the future. High qualification and knowledge of the professional subtleties of the programmer Anatoly Gusikhin served as a guarantor of calmness and the desired result.

Work on the projects went on within the agreed timeframes and all the wishes arising in the course of the work were carried out in a timely and unconditional manner. A large number of tips, correcting the creative flight of the customer, were expressed accepted and implemented in the course of the work. The cost of services is optimal, the work of the employees of this company is worth the money! Thank you for the high service and the quality of the work. We will cooperate in the future!

Reviewed by Kostiuk VictoriaReviewed by Kostiuk Victoria

We want to thank the company «Ruden» in the person of Ryanov Ruslan, for help in creating our new project. We want to note the high professionalism, quick reaction and business qualities, flexibility and just a human component. All this made the work on the project easy and fast. As a result, we obtained a result that fully meets our requests and requirements. We wish Ruslan and his employees success in their professional activities. We hope for further fruitful cooperation in the future. We are glad that in our country there are still people who can be called professionals with a capital letter.

Review from social network Voskole.ruReview from social network Voskole.ru

We cooperate with the company «Ruden» from April 2016 to the present (December 2016). During this time, we developed and successfully launched the regional social network, a feature of which is a multi-level partner program with complex logic and a ribbon / wall in Facebook-style.

The work was carried out in stages in accordance with a pre-designed schedule. All stages were delivered on time, in spite of the fact that we, the customers, nevertheless regularly departed from specifications, whose strict adherence was urgently called upon us by Ruslan Ryanov, the executive director of Ruden. However, the innovative nature of the various sections did not allow us to fully assess in advance and reflect all the nuances in specifications, which resulted in multiple retreats. And here we must pay tribute to Ruslan, he was sympathetic to such requests, and in fact he gave us some work for us, satisfying our additional small "Wishlist". Of the larger ones, an additional agreement was subsequently formed, according to which our cooperation will continue until March 2017.

I would also like to note that during our work, not one of our remarks was left without attention and feedback. Moreover, the feedback always occurred quickly, at any time of the day, so we did not have time to strain heavily on certain problems with the individual parts of the project being developed. For our part, we were sympathetic to the fact that non-standard solutions pass the thorny path of trial and error, and gratefully treated the fact that mistakes were always quickly corrected, and the product came in line with our expectations.

Another feature of the cooperation can be called quite rigid adherence to the requirements for information exchange, which on one hand disciplined us, on the other - it allowed us to have a clear history of the advertising component of the interaction.

The general feeling of cooperation: we worked and work with a serious company that can implement any task, and on time and in full.

Review by “Narod Edin”Review by “Narod Edin”

Ryanov Ruslan Shauktovich participated in our project - the business social network "Narod Edin", namely, in the section Work and Instructions -, and also in the Business section - in May - July 2013

Ruslan quickly figured out our project, diagnosed problems in the project, and helped us with optimizing the performance of our engine.

On direct interaction, I would like to note that it was easy to cooperate, despite the remote way of working, but the most important was that he quickly gave the result that we needed.

For our part, we continue to plan to continue cooperation in the part of creating a new functionality for the portal "Narod Edin"

Feedback from the site of the OlympiadsFeedback from the site of the OlympiadsРектор НУ ДО "РИРС" Т.В. Цыганкова

When creating the service for holding the Olympiads, a need arose for the developer. We conducted a contest on the site and after a long selection chose the proposal of Ryanov Ruslan Shaukatovich.

All the requirements of the draft Terms of Reference for the work of the service, which we formulated, were fulfilled. We met the agreed budget and got a working service on time, about which agreed. I want to note that Ruslan advised us on all issues related to the development and offered solutions to the problems that arose during the project.

We intend to continue our cooperation and recommend Ruslan as a responsible, professional specialist in solving specific problems in this field.

Reviewed by snapshot.comReviewed by snapshot.com

Ruslan and I have been working for about a year and a half. The main tasks are creating online services for web directory, cross-platform subscription and accounting services, file downloading service.

Ruslan has the basic necessary qualities: honesty, responsibility, diligence, professionalism. It's easy for me to work with him.

Reviewed by BMicroReviewed by BMicro

With Ruslan we have been cooperating for more than a year. During this time, he established himself as a responsible and reliable performer. The main task was the integration of our CRM system Client-Communicator with web applications, and Ruslan coped with it well.

An example of such a CRM collaboration system ("Site-CRM") is the site of Unhua Europe under the management of CMS.

I hope that our cooperation will continue to develop in the same vein. Keep it up!

Reviewed by OfferPrideReviewed by OfferPride

For the entire period of our cooperation with RudenSoft, Ryanov Ruslan has established himself as a competent leader, who does not need to explain the essence of the problem twice.

Cheerfully guided by the tasks set, Ruslan and his qualified specialists Vladimir Kurmaz and Nikita Vyukov found the right solutions, showing themselves as responsible and executive professionals in their field.

And our cooperation in the future will be no less fruitful.

Letter of recommendation from English in memoryLetter of recommendation from English in memory

I, Professor Alexander Pyltsyn, asked me to improve my website for better structural information input. Ruslan not only quickly and accurately fulfilled the task, but also gave me valuable advice that made my site several times more visited.

The time difference between Canada and Russia did not prevent him from working even at night if there was urgency.

And most importantly - if you lose confidence in the internet, this person is honest and you can rely on him.
Thank you!!!

Head of the project “Prepod24”Head of the project “Prepod24”

Working with professionals is a pleasure. Ryanov Ruslan is a professional who will find a way out of any situation. He actually proved his competence and did not give rise to doubts about this.

I have been working with Ruslan for about 8 months, and I am glad that I met this specialist.

To work on his project, I chose from more than 20 candidates. Ruslan has developed a technical assignment for which the Internet service Prep24.rf was created.

To date, I have no doubt that I made the right choice of a specialist to develop a large Internet service.

If you want your project to be executed at a decent level, I recommend Ruslan.