The development of an Internet project, the creation of a project concept and an estimate of the start-up budget – free of charge

Identification of key project parameters, rapid study of project bottlenecks. Determine the structure of the web application. Creation of the primary concept of the project.

As a result, you will have a rough estimate of the budget and timing of the project, as well as an understanding of further actions to implement the project.

Exchange, aggregators, trading platforms – from 450 thousand rubles .

Enhanced security features:
SSL, two-factor authentication, change on confirmation by SMS, tracking of IP users

Developing an affiliate program:
Partner links, integration with social networks, partner analytics

Bulk upload and use API:
Import / export through Excel, the ability to integrate with large customer services, data parsing and aggregation.

Personal offices, online CRM / ERP – from 350 thousand rubles

Focus on asynchrony and instant response:
Instant response, chats, notifications, real-time data modification

Notifications, metrics, dashboard:
System of branched notifications, nested indicators, process graphs, system of targets (panel)

Functional tables:
Management through convenient tables – export, group operations, flexible search, sorting, editing in the table

Developing an MVP prototype for an Internet project – from 80 thousand rubles

Development of the prototype concept, definition of the minimum working product.

Implement the prototype and run the test traffic to the prototype. Testing the MVP hypothesis. Development of an MVP prototype into a full-fledged product.

Urban portals, corporate sites – from 180 thousand rubles

Functional City Ribbon:
Likes, reposts, hierarchical comments, dynamic uploading posts, photos, videos, smileys

Poster of the enterprise, competitions:
Catalog of enterprises of the city, loading external sources (posters, 2gis, data parsing from other sources)

Personal page of users of the site (similar to VKontakte):
User’s wall, friends, user’s photos, profile

Web services with unique functionality – from 350 thousand rubles

Designers of online store lending:
Creating sales pages without knowing HTML, integrating with external systems, AB tests

Parsing various data on the network:
collecting data from various sources

Any other functionality in the presence of a convenient and understandable description:
According to your description, the estimate of the cost and timing of performance is carried out

Note. It should be noted that this is a custom development, and not an assembly of pre-built modules on a typical CMS. Development under the order is always more expensive and longer is done, requires careful testing. First, decide – you need custom development or a typical solution. We can help you only in the first case.

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