Startup important details

Estimating Time and Budget

How much can the project cost? For how long to pledge? The site can cost from 2 thousand rubles to several million rubles. From 1 day to 2 years. How to understand what will happen in my case?

Scope of work

What will be included in the first version of the product? What should be the structure? How to reduce your risks and costs?

Pitfalls and details

The devil is in the details. And some details in the later stages are very difficult to fix.

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Evaluation is a range-fork of a clock / budget. With a 90% probability, your budget will lie in this range. The more data you provide, the more accurate the estimate.

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Options for developing a startup

The main difference is in the degree of immersion in the business logic of your project and the detailed requirements for the system


  • General sample plug

  • Innovation proposal

  • An enlarged structure of the site

  • Examining the MVP option

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    You can get the initial fork of the terms and budget of your site development.
    Only for non-typical projects (from 150 thousand rubles, from 2 months). We do not consider business cards, simple online stores, promo-sites, galleries, landings.

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