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Why do I need this?

You can immediately try launching your product, but it’s long, expensive, and there are no guarantees that the market will accept your product.

We suggest going along the following path

Creating a project concept

Who will buy your product? Why does he need him? How to find these people? Why exactly your product they will buy?

Determining the MVP Prototype

What will be the prototype of your project? How to make a reduced product that will give you feedback from consumers

Check for real traffic

We make a prototype, we launch traffic through contextual advertising and get real data about the performance of your idea

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Don’t think that you know exactly what your consumer wants. This is the path to nowhere. Make hypotheses and test them on a real consumer.

Our task is to simply help you determine how you will test the idea (MVP) and carry out this test (mini-site implementation and traffic setup, analytics).

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