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Sequential project implementation

We create portals for a very specific period and quite a certain budget without additional hidden costs, provided that you know exactly and specifically what you want to end up with.

Creating a portal is not an assembly on WordPress from ready-made modules, but a full-fledged engine development process – from creating a technical task to beta testing and commissioning.

Initial estimate by calculator

We have a ready-made calculator template for assessing the creation of a portal, you just need to choose / decide what you want to see on your web service. You will have an understanding of how the project budget

Design concept development

At this stage it is important to have an understanding on the main key issues: goals, composition and structure, marketing, target audience, etc. The concept is the entry point to the project

Creating a technical assignment (TK) with layouts

This includes creating the structure of the portal, working through usability through prototyping, creating specifications on the pages of the site, developing general requirements, designing key technical solutions

Detailed rating

Based on the technical specifications, a detailed assessment of your project is made. Here you will know the budget and terms of development of the portal defined in the terms of reference.


Coordination and registration of the contract for the development of the portal. Payment by stages, your rights to the site, technical task, schedule, estimate, procedure for implementation and acceptance of the site

Portal development in stages

Project implementation. You will see transparently the development process – all the tasks at the stage, time consumption, project schedule. Weekly calls. Project acceptance by stages

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